Subsidary Company; ‘Candelisa People’ Star in Channel 4 Series

Documentaries Commissioning Editor Emma Cooper has commissioned Dragonfly to make a new 4 x 60 series documenting the busy world of the recruitment industry.

The business of recruitment is brutal. You are dealing with one of the most variable of commodities: people. In this series we go inside Candelisa People, one of the North East’s last remaining independent agencies and follow the agency staff, clients and candidates as they get Yorkshire working. From minimum wage to £100 K plus jobs Candelisa People will take on any client in the hope that they can secure business and keep themselves afloat. It’s an intense work place but the team are like a family and matriarch boss Jane is at the helm. Jane is a one woman whirlwind and along with her loyal team she works tirelessly to woo major clients in the aim of becoming a major player in the recruitment world.

We’ll watch as the team go the extra mile, from creative role-playing, advice on personal hygiene to filling in the jobs themselves. This team will stop at nothing to win business, find the best person for the job and ensure their clients are happy.

Commissioning Editor, Emma Cooper says ‘The Recruitment Agency is a huge opportunity for documentaries to push into the inside world of businesses and local communities. Using the prism of daily working life we’ll have a fascinating insight into the world of recruitment and job seekers across a wide pay spectrum. With warmth and humour the series will focus on the extraordinary cast of characters who walk through the office doors in search of work. It has been great working with the Dragonfly team to reflect a busy, diverse, warm and entertaining workplace.’

Dragonfly MD Mark Raphael says. The world of recruitment in relentless, and despite being under real commercial pressure Jane and her team are full of kindness, understanding and fun.’

The series is being produced by Suzy Ratner, and executive produced for Dragonfly by Paul Broadbent. It will air in on Wednesday 20th May at 10pm.

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